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Update: Now Listening Room is in beta its structure has changed somewhat. These scripts will no longer work. The Listening Room Add-ons Chrome extension provides some of the features that these user scripts once did.

Me and a few other readers of Dinosaur Comics have been having an awesome listening party at It’s a pretty fantastic site where you can start a listening room and then everyone in the room can upload songs and then you all listen to them at the same time.

As there’s a high percentage of geeks in the room we’ve started customising our listening experience using user scripts. Rather than constantly sharing them in the chat I thought it’d be good to make a list somewhere. These can be used on Firefox if you install the Greasemonkey extension. For Chrome all you need to do is click on the link.

On top of these there’s also @AwesomeFunTunes that tweets all the songs that get played in the room. As it has to scrape them from the page it’s a little fragile at the moment. Hopefully it should get more reliable as @SleeperCo add more ways of getting data from the room.

You can also play with this data on the QwantzListens Data website and see what the most popular tracks are. This will only work with browsers that support the new HTML5 client-side SQL databases, like Chrome.

If you’ve got a user script you’d like to add to the list then tweet it at @AwesomeFunTunes or @alasdairnorth.

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