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Update: Listening Room closed down on the second day of December 2011. This Chrome extension no longer does anything.

A few weeks ago I spent a few evenings writing a Chrome extension to add a few features to Listening Room. The main features it adds is scrobbling to, but there’s a few other GUI improvements too.

According to the Chrome Web Store it’s currently got 59 users which must be a fair percentage of the beta testers for Listening Room. It’s nice to know that it’s useful to people.

I start a lot of software projects in my spare time but it’s really rare that any of them get past the experimental stage and become something. In that sense this is a bit of a success for me, in that it’s actually being used by someone else.

I’m thinking I might move on to other things now but I’m sure there are still features to be added. To allow other people to spend time on it and improve it if they want to I’ve put the code up on GitHub. I’m happy to review pull requests and add them to the main extension if they’re good enough.

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