Charting My Weight

Alasdair North - 

For the past four years I've kept a record of my weight. I've been doing it in an online spreadsheet which is now loaded by this webpage. The graph above will update automatically every time I add a new reading to the spreadsheet.

I think I started keeping track of my weight because I'd just taken up running and wanted to see if that had any impact. It turns out that running a handful of miles a week has no impact whatsoever.

I didn't lose much weight at that point and have hardly run anywhere in years, but I've still been adding entries to the spreadsheet every so often. As a result I've built up a picture of my weight change over the last few years.

As you can see, I gained about a stone in the months after getting married in August 2010. I gave up snacking and large lunches for lent in 2012, and that helped bring me back down again. WeightWatchers now has my weight dropping even further.

The different shades on the graph show different BMI ranges, with the middle white patch being the "normal" 18.5–25 band. I'm pretty close — only a few more pounds to go!

The data itself is stored in a Google Docs spreadsheet. This is loaded as a CSV over a CORS request, with the graph drawn using D3.js.

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