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The death of Google Reader has got me thinking about RSS again. I'd always meant to use Reader more, but never got round to it.

One of the ways I'd intended to use it was to keep up to date with what developers in Cambridge are up to. I'd like to know what's going on in the development community near me.

After failing to find any existing list I've created my own. So far I've trawled through the lists of @camgeeknight followers and CAMDUG members. I've found quite a few local developers with blogs, but I'm sure there must be more out there. Do get in touch on Twitter if you know I'm missing someone.

Not everyone blogs about software; there's a pretty wide range of topics covered here. There are posts about coding and reviews of programming books, but there's also cycling stats and tips to avoid sexually harassing someone.

So here's my list. There's also links to download the list as either an OPML file or a CSV file. OPML files can be imported into most RSS feed reader software.

Sam Aaron@samaaronBlogFeed
Stewart Adcock@stewartadcockBlogFeed
Rafael Albuquerque@rafaquequeBlogFeed
Andrea Angella@angella_andreaBlogFeed
Chris Arnold@GoodCoffeeCodeBlogFeed
Awais Athar@awaisatharBlogFeed
John Ayliff@johnayliffBlogFeed
Adrian Banks@adrianbanksBlogFeed
Simao Belchior de Castro@belchiorBlogFeed
Chris Boyle@c_boyleBlogFeed
Michael Brunton-Spall@bruntonspallBlogFeed
Jon Canning@JonCanningBlogFeed
Amir Chaudhry@amirmcBlogFeed
Chris Clarke@chrisclarke1977BlogFeed
Rachel Coleman Finch@rmc28BlogFeed
Jon Combe@joncombeBlogFeed
Dave Craft@craftyfellaBlogFeed
Mark Dalgarno@MarkDalgarnoBlogFeed
Marco Dinacci@marcodinacciBlogFeed
Erich Eichinger@oakingerBlogFeed
Simon Elliston Ball@sirebBlogFeed
Chris Elsmore@elsmorianBlogFeed
Steve Gilham
Kristian Glass@doismellburningBlogFeed
Stephen Harrison@BookSwapSteveBlogFeed
Ross Haywood@rosshaywoodBlogFeed
Damian Helme
Grim Horsman@callingallrxBlogFeed
Jason Hibbs@jasonhukBlogFeed
Peter Inglesby@inglespBlog
Bojan Komazec@bojan_komazecBlogFeed
Martin Kendall@tweetingmkBlogFeed
Alex Kiernan@alexkiernBlogFeed
Dr Jochen L Leidner@jochenleidnerBlogFeed
Michelle Lewis-King@vergevirtualBlogFeed
Michele Mattioni@mattionsBlogFeed
Daniel Mayo@dmayo3BlogFeed
Luke McNally@lukemcnally84BlogFeed
Vinod Mishra@vinodmishraBlogFeed
Scott Moyers@iamscottmoyersBlogFeed
Diogo Neves@DiogoSnowsBlogFeed
Alasdair North@al_northBlogFeed
Chris O'Prey@cjopreyBlogFeed
Stephen Oakman@StephenOakmanBlogFeed
Jennifer Phillips Campbell
Marcus Povey@mapkycaBlogFeed
Louise Pryor@LouisePryorBlogFeed
John Puddifoot@johnpuddBlogFeed
Jag Reehal@JagReehalBlogFeed
Adam Reynolds@jodrellBlogFeed
Phil Rodgers@PhilRodgersBlogFeed
Gareth Rushgrove@garethrBlogFeed
Diego Russo@diegorBlogFeed
Yvan Seth@yvansethBlogFeed
Alastair Smith@alastairsBlogFeed
Sam Smith@smithsamBlogFeed
Ben Tagger@humouseryBlogFeed
Lee Theobald@LeesyBlogFeed
Ian Thomas@swarley_thomasBlogFeed
David Thorne@cferthorneyBlogFeed
Clive Tong@CliveTongBlogFeed
Chris Whitworth@cawhitworthBlogFeed
Martin Willitts@MartinWillittsBlogFeed
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