Listening Room Charts Data Dump

Alasdair North - 

The Listening Room Chrome extension has been collecting chart data since the middle of May this year. This chart data has been available via a JSON API at for all this time. However, there doesn’t seem much point in keeping the data site going now that Listening Room has shut down.

So that this data isn’t lost forever I’m taking one of the daily backups and making it downloadable by anyone who wants it. It’s a MySQL backup and should be quite easy to restore should anyone want to play with it.

Hopefully the data structure is self explanatory. One annoyance is that room names aren’t included, only room IDs. The room ID for qwantz was 4d6f04d78dc336ba42000005, but I don’t know any others. Hopefully you can figure it out by connecting users to track_plays to rooms.

Here’s the data.

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