Bulk Adding of Tasks to Remember the Milk

Alasdair North - 

I’ve been using Remember the Milk for a few months now to keep track of all the things I need to do. It’s been great for getting my life in order and motivating me to get round to all the stuff I’ve been putting off for months.

One feature that’s missing though is the ability to add lists of tasks in one go. For example every few days I want to add this set of tasks:

  • “Washing - put on” for today
  • “Washing - hang up to dry” for today
  • “Washing - put away” for tomorrow

It doesn’t happen after a regular number days so I can’t use a repeating task, I just need a way of keeping a list of tasks somewhere that I can submit to Remember the Milk with one click.

Of course, the nice thing about being able to program is that when you have a problem like this you can write something to solve it. So I’ve written RTM bulk add, a little web page that hooks in with Remember the Milk’s API and can submit lists of tasks. You can also use RTM’s smart add syntax to set the due date, which list to put it in, etc.

For example the list above would look like this:


Simply press “Send to RTM” and the tasks will be added to the “Home” list.

The page is free for anyone to use. It stores all data in your browser and doesn’t send anything to my server, so you don’t need to worry about privacy.

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